How to help

Whether you’re a researcher studying the quarry or an interested fossil enthusiast, we can use your help.

There’s still far more work to be done cataloging the fossils found at the quarry, reconstructing the taxa they represent, and piecing together the world they lived in.

Here are a few ways you can contribute:

Make a donation

We don’t yet have an official method for doing this set up, but we will gladly accept monetary support for our work. Funds go to travel for photographing the fossils in the various locations where they’re stored, as well as web design, illustration, and time spent researching, consolidating, organizing and making sense of scientific research going all the way back to the 1800s.

Contact us to make a donation >

 Submit your own images

If you have scientific illustrations of one of the taxa you found here, we’d be thrilled to be able to use it. If you went to a Community Dig Day and drew your own interpretation of what a mosasaur fighting a giant sea urchin would have looked like, well, that would be awesome, too.

Tell us what you’d like to submit and how you’d like to send it to us >

 Share your research

Have you done academic research on the Hornerstown formation, glauconite, Cretaceous or Paleogene marine ecosystems, the K/Pg boundary, or any of the taxa found here? We’d love to see it!

Send us your abstract >

 Have another idea? Let us know!

Whatever could it be?? Now we’re curious! It’s like a Cretaceous Christmas!

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