The Project

This project was created by Thea Boodhoo and Dr. Kenneth Lacovara of Rowan University in an effort to organize information on the known taxa of the Hornerstown formation found at the Edelman Fossil Park in Mantua Township, New Jersey.  To forward the creators’ shared goal of public science outreach, extra care was taken to make this website interesting and easy to use for enthusiasts of all ages, as well as scientists studying the fossils.


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Thea Boodhoo, Writer and Paleontology Student

Kenneth Lacovara, Professor of Paleontology & Geology at Drexel University

Zack Boles, Paleontology PhD Candidate at Drexel University

Kristyn Voegele, Paleontology PhD Candidate at Drexel University

Paul Ullman, Paleontology PhD Candidate at Drexel University

Anna Jaworski, Geology PhD Candidate at Drexel University

Jennifer Hall, Illustrator

Evan Boucher, Character Technical Director at PDI/DreamWorks Animation


Special Thanks


Mantua Township, New Jersey
The Inversand Company
The New Jersey State Museum
The Geological Society of America
Drexel University
Fossils of New Jersey
NJ Fossils